How much will it charge my phone?

We got this question many times and even though we would like to be able to give  a short simple answer like it will charge your phone 1.5 or 2 times, the product we created required a lot of balancing around this.

Let’s start with two facts you need to know about portable wireless charging:

  • Wireless charging has up to 80% of energy efficiency, so our 3000 mah battery will be able to effectively deliver up to 2400 mah to your phone.
  • Wireless chargers' antennas and electronic components take more space than those needed by wired chargers, so we can fit a smaller battery in the same space.

Since we originally started working on this product we never found those limitations to be a problem to deliver on the use cases we have in mind. ReSnap is not a replacement for one of those large 5,000 or 10,000 mah power banks. If you are going camping or on a long road trip, or even for a two day business trip, ReSnap will help you but we would still carry one of those.

ReSnap shines when you just need a 4-6 hour boost, like when you forget to charge your phone in the night and you have a lot of meetings in the morning, or if you come out of a dinner and decide to continue to a club with your date, or if after 3 hours of training with your group yo decide to go for a cafe before going back home.

These are some of the reasons why it's a better fit for those situations:

  • Even if a wired portable charger with the same capacity could be smaller, you still need to carry a cable that ends up occupying space
  • The experience when you use your phone while you are charging is much better with ReSnap, as it just holds to your phone
  • ReSnap provides the benefits of battery cases like the Mophie but without making your phone thicker 24/7, only for the short time you use it to charge your phone.

So to answer this question we thought the most important piece of information is how much more time can you get from your phone for important tasks like making a phone call, finding your way with Google Maps or searching something in the web. These numbers apply to a brand new iPhone XS or a Samsung S9, in our experience the phone's battery life decreases between 20 and 30% after a year, so these numbers would also decrease by that much.