Experience Freedom

Meet ReSnap™ -
the wireless portable
battery that snaps
to your phone.

Cable free.
Hassle free.
Stress free.

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Compatible Devices

ReSnap™ works with most Qi Wireless Charging compatible devices, including iPhone 8 and newer, Samsung S6 and newer, Google Nexus 5 and newer and many more.

Simple charging

How it Works

After sticking the ReSnap™ included sticker to your phone or phone case, place the ReSnap™ behind your phone and let the magnets do the rest.

Snap! It's That Simple

ReSnap™ is an ultra-slim battery pack that fits in your pocket.

It's designed to snap-on your phone and give you an extra boost.

ReSnap™ is designed to keep you going and recharge in a hassle free, cable free, stress free way.

ReSnap™ Recharge

When your ReSnap™ needs a recharge, place the side with the logo on the wireless charging pad or any other charging pad for a recharge.

Charge on-the-go


Ultra Slim
Designed to fit in your pocket on the go.

Easy ReSnap
Magnets do all the work for the perfect alignment.

​No More Cables
Charge your phone wirelessly with Qi technology.

Seriously, No More Cables
Re-charge your ReSnap™ wirelessly with any Qi charging pad.

Elegant Design
Take ReSnap™ with you to your meetings, workouts, parties - anywhere!

Fast Charging
ReSnap™ delivers fast charging to give you a boost quickly.


Tech specs

Extra boost


Experience freedom

Get your  ReSnap™ at early-bird price right now!